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Treasure of knowledge at 70th Indian Foundry Congress


No. Company Name Speakers
1. CNH Industrial India Ltd. Mr. Pritiman Panigrahi
2. Carraro India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Sudhendra Mannikar
3. Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt.
Mr. Suresh Sivalingam
4. Dana India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Mohan Kadam
5. John Deere India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Shrikrishna Kulkarni
6. Mr. Rajesh Edlabadkar
7. Mr. Amit Ghidiyal
8. Meritor Commercial Vehicle System India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Praveen V. Katte
9. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Mr. Vikas Nadgir
10. Atlas Copco Mr. Chandrakant Bande
11. Tafe motors Mr. Sachin Dhote
12. Sandvik Mr. Mustafa Patel
13. Simpson and Co Ltd. N. Santhanagopalan & Mahendran Kamaraj


No. Speakers Topics
1. Mr. Sriram Viji, Deputy MD Brakes India Ltd Key Note Speaker
2. Mr. Nithyanandan Devraaj, CEO Flow Link Systems Pvt. Ltd. Why do foundries fail?
3. Ms. Jaya Dave,
Head - HRD Bhagwati. Pvt. Ltd.
How to retain employees?
4. Dr. Indira Parikh,
Ex. Dean of IIM - Ahmedabad
Transforming SMES to Unicorn Organization - Opportunities and Challenges
5. Mr. Iyer Srinivasan, Elkem South Asia Pvt. Ltd. How to face Challenges arising out of Pandemic?
6. Mr. Deepak Chowdhary, Director MPM Software Machine Learning based variable compatibility set -point control solution for improved casting outcomes.
7. Mr. Gelson Montero, Kuenkel Wagner, Germany Improvement of Metallic yield on Ductile Iron Castings by understanding properties of Graphite Expansion.
Between mould properties and graphite expansion.
8. Mr. Sandeep Rege, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. “Best Practices in My Foundry.”
9. Mr. Sameer Kelkar, Director, Robotic Grind Masters Robotic Grinding for Complex Ferrous Castings – A Comparative Study of Concepts, Selection of Optimal Solutions
10. Mr. Klous Oosterof &
Mr. Holger Barth, Huttenus Albertus, Germany
Additive manufacturing designed for Foundry needs.
11. Mr. Anil Patel, Ford Motor Co. Future Trends of Casting & area of Opportunities
12. Mr. Deepak Anaghan, Metso Environmental effect of Foundry Operations & Technological Solutions
13. Mr. Adhitya K, Peekay Steels Pvt. Ltd. Amalgamation of Metallurgical Theories and Foundry Tradition of ASTM A995 / A995M Super Duplex Stainless Steels
14. Mr. Balaji D. Loganathan & Mr. Jayaraman, Sprital Software How Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision can help foundry achieve better Productivity, Safety & Quality.
15. Mr. Santosh A S, Pro-Sim Prediction on Effect of Resin Bonded Percentage on Casting Quality Using Casting Simulation Software
16. Mr. Dipak Ghosh, Forace Polymers Inorganic Sand-Binder System – No Longer A Choice, But Compulsion.
17. Mr. Chandan Panda, Gargi HA High performance cold box system to optimise quality
18. Mr. Vinayak Ghotge, Forace Polymers In-situ Coating preparation – A latest trend in refractory coating with cost saving for Automotive & Jobbing foundries
19. Mr. Brajesh Kumar Singh, Tata Motors, Jamshedpur A Case study on ‘Zero discharge of hazardous waste’.
20. Mr. Rajesh Goel, Sage Metals Cost of quality – A window to economic sustainability.
21. Mr. Satyanarayana V N, VP Foundry Sales, Disa Non-ferrous castings on Moulding Systems


No. Speakers Topics
1. Mr. Michael Fanz Huster, Inductothern Pvt. Ltd. Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) – Big Data Processing in Industrial Environment.
2. Kuk-Hyun Han, President Samyang Machinery Co.
A Study on the applicability of sand 3D printing cores and moulds/casting applications.
3. Dr. Heinz Juregen Büchner, MD Industrial Automotive & Services Global Foundry Industry – Future chances & challenges
4. Prof. Jan Jezierski, Silesian University of Technology,
Metallurgical quality of melt as a key of sound castings


No. Topics Duration
1. Cast Iron analysis using Advanced OES Technology 31:41
2. Modernizing 3D Sand Core Production with Inorganic Binder 52:58
3. How to Achieve Optimal Melt Control in Cast Iron with OES analysis (Sponsored Webinar) 27:28
4. Casting an Iron Wheel 09:51
5. A little bit of Doosan Babcock history - All about the foundry casting process 25:01
6. Casting In Iron (1940 - 1949) 11:43
7. The Steel Industry & The Workings of a Foundry - 1945 Documentary 32:05
8. Amazing Automatic Steel Casting Manufacturing Factory, Modern Fast Metal Casting Machinery Line 10:19
9. The process of modern foundry for cast iron manhole covers 03:20
10. Foundry 02:20
11. American Casting Tour 06:48
12. Fantastic Casting Aluminium using Sand Mold Process. Amazing Metal Casting Technology Factory Machine 10:57
13. Casting, The foundry Process 14:47
14. Casting Metal: The Basics 15:19
15. BMW Engine Block Casting: ‘HOW IT'S MADE’ 11:21
16. Biggest Heavy Duty Hammer Forging Machine 17000 Ton Forging Press Automatic Hydraulic Steel Forging 15:32
17. Introduction to Casting Technology 36:11
18. TOP 10 Accidents in Metal Industry 12:12
19. Amazing Manufacturing Operation of Ship Components in Heavy Industrial Plant Forging & CNC Machine 10:08
20. Amazing Hot Metal Factory - Modern Technology and Hot Forging Process 10:15
21. Linde Hydraulics' foundry – Quality has its origin 03:49
22. How The World’s Oldest Bell Foundry Stayed in Business for Nearly 1,000 Years | Still Standing 08:06
23. Experienced casting iron foundry in China 03:16
24. Casting and Pouring Stainless Steel Parts at the Foundry 05:11
25. Charlotte Pipe and Foundry Company, Our Culture and History 09:49
26. FUNDIGEX - Foundry Suppliers from Spain 01:46
27. Foundry Industry HD 02:40
28. KUKA Robots for Foundry Industry May 2013 01:58
29. Modern Foundry Manufacturing 2019 04:50
30. Sakthi Auto Ancillary Pvt Ltd 05:41
31. The Foundry Process 11:06
32. The History of Iron and Steel 13:35
33. Waupaca Foundry Company video 04:00
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